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Why You Should Consider Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can be used to treat specific conditions and diseases. It’s basically the same thing as recreational marijuana, however it’s used for medical reasons so you have different results on your body taking both. They can assist with specific things such as nausea or pain management from cancer treatments among other ailments. To help humans, in terms of the effects it has on them marijuana is the one that has been the most researched natural substance. Of the 100+ compounds discovered in this plant there are three that have been specifically investigated and isolated. THC (a psychoactive compound) Cannabidiol (a psychoactive compound) CBD that do not trigger the sensations that are associated with altered states such as “highs” however they do help relieve symptoms like pain while also promoting relaxation without anxiety, at doses that will not to be intoxicating on their own These compounds comprise your drug!

What is medical marijuana used to treat?

Researchers are investigating the possibility of medical marijuana being used to in the treatment of a range of conditions such as:

– Anxiety Disorder

– Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis

– Autism

– Remission Therapy for cancer

– Crohn’s Disease

– Neuropathies such as chronic spasticity or other can be caused by damage to the nervous tissue in the central nervous system (brain–spinal cord).

– Dyskinetic and spastic movement disorders

– Epilepsy

– Glaucoma


– Huntington’s Disease

What are the implications?

Medical marijuana may contain many different chemical substances. Cannabinoids are found in marijuana. They also have many potential health benefits. Cannabinoids offer many benefits to our bodies. They help reduce inflammation, anxiety and pain. They also help to control nausea from chemotherapy for cancer. Research continues to be done on the effects of medical cannabis.

Can medical marijuana be used to treat seizure disorders?

As a result of growing reports about people successfully controlling seizures with a special form cannabis, FDA recently approved Epidiolex an extract made of CBD- as therapy for people suffering from extreme or difficult to treat illnesses. In a number of studies on the effects of this drug, some people reported drastic drops in their frequency that translated into vast improvements across other metrics like alertness and general high-quality of life. While medical marijuana comes with its potential dangers, it may provide some relief to those who aren’t able to avail traditional therapies.

FDA has approved medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana has been a source of controversy since its beginning. While some believe it provides therapeutic benefits, others are concerned about its potential to be used for adversity but there are some who disagree with this opinion. There is increasing evidence that supports medical marijuana. FDA approved two cannabis-derived cannabinoid medicines, dronabinol and nabilone (Cesamet) to treat nausea and vomiting brought on by chemotherapy. FDA also approved a medication that contains CBD which is a substance that occurs naturally in cannabis plants. This medication is prescribed to treat seizures that are caused by two rare and severe forms epilepsy. While further research is needed to better understand the medical benefits of cannabis, these advancements suggest that medical cannabis may eventually be able treat a range of conditions. While there is still much controversy surrounding medical marijuana, it is vital to recognize that it is a possibility to assist those suffering from serious medical conditions.

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