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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Marijuana, also referred to as cannabis is a psychoactive drug that is utilized for medical or recreational reasons. Since the beginning of time marijuana has been utilized to treat various medical conditions. The demand for marijuana has increased in recent years as more and more people are curious about its potential health benefits. Marijuana is a mixture of active ingredients, including THC as well as CBD. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects that the drug produces, while CBD doesn’t cause any intoxication. Different individuals may experience different effects from marijuana, based on dosage and the method of administration. Certain people report feeling relaxed or content after smoking marijuana, while others might experience anxiety or fear of the unknown.

There is no consensus on the risks and benefits of marijuana usage. But, some studies have proven that it could be beneficial to treat certain medical issues like epilepsy and chronic pain. The potential of marijuana for treating ailments like multiple sclerosis Alzheimer’s disease and cancer is being explored. Natural herbs like marijuana are attractive and more secure than synthetic drugs in a time when organic and all-natural are key health buzzwords.


It is utilized to manage emotions. It can be utilized in certain circumstances to decrease negative emotions as well as increase positive ones. Stress and anxiety can be caused by marijuana usage. There are people who feel anxious or fearful after taking marijuana. It’s been found to have a significant influence on the emotions. One study discovered that users of marijuana reported feeling happier at ease, relaxed, and calm. One theory is that the impacts of marijuana on the emotions result from the chemical THC that binds to receptors within the brain which regulate mood.

Neurophysical Effects

Many neurophysical effects are caused by marijuana use. One of them is that marijuana can cause learning and memory problems. A different issue is that marijuana can cause issues with coordination and imbalance. In addition, marijuana use may cause a change in perception and judgment. Many users will struggle to recall events that occurred while they were intoxicated by the drug. They may have trouble concentrating on tasks or understanding new facts. Marijuana can lead to accidents when you’re driving a car or cycling. Since marijuana alters perceptions and judgments, those who use it might be prone to engaging in dangerous behavior they wouldn’t normally do. While these risks are not the main concern however, many users continue take marijuana.


In society, marijuana use is becoming more commonplace. While there are still some individuals who are against its use in increasing numbers, more states are legalizing it for both recreational and medical motives. Marijuana is a potent drug with many advantages. It is able to reduce inflammation, pain and help to control seizures. Furthermore, it can be used to combat mental health problems like depression and anxiety. When more studies are conducted regarding the possible benefits of marijuana It is probable that more uses are discovered. While there are many people who are against marijuana’s use it is evident that there is a shift towards a greater tolerance.


It is not unlawful to use marijuana. It comes with a variety of benefits that can assist people who have medical conditions. It is also a possibility to use to help unwind and relax. It should not be abused and marijuana should only be consumed in moderation. The use of any drug, whether legal and illicit, can lead to serious consequences. Marijuana should be considered alcohol and only those over 21 years old should be consuming marijuana. Marijuana is not something that one has to hide or be scared of since it’s illegal. It should be available to anyone who requires it. In order to allow users to consume marijuana without worry of being charged with a crime, it should be made illegal. A lot of people use marijuana as a safe, effective treatment option.

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