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Why Lightsabers Are Famous?

The lightsaber is one of the coolest weapons used in science fiction. It’s also an item that is found throughout Star Wars. Although the glowing blade has the ability to penetrate almost anything and create a fun sound when you turn it around. There’s a fascinating history behind this amazing feature. It was developed either for films or toys by kids who wanted to fight loud battles at home with their peers.

The story of the Lightsaber is rich in stories. It has been used in many combats. As technology advances and technology improves, it transforms from simple to more complicated forms. Although some details were available elsewhere, certain aspects weren’t added to the canon that was officially published. It includes information on what colors lightsabers should be depending on their galaxy or planet origin. This could be due to Lucasfilm not wanting anything to be inconsistent in its universe, however many still prefer to have every detail. I’ll answer all questions of those who want them.

They Were First Created by The Dark Side

The light sabers we have come to love might have been precursors of something far more powerful. Force sabers were developed by Force Hounds working for an Infinite Empire. These crystals focused on dark energy were used by the Infinite Empire’s citizens for weapons prior to becoming what we call “lightsaber” blades.

Due to their links to the Dark Side of The Force The Force Sabers on the light side were skeptical, more so since the Force Saber’s influence was just too strong. Users could be transformed into someone who fights for evil should they take possession of any of these weapons.

There are many other than swords.

While the basic shape of the lightsaber is that of a sword, there are a variety of variations. One of these variations includes what’s known as “lightship,” which instead utilizes strands from emitters attached near its handle rather than only one large emitter at the end to cut through whatever that you wish to, with precise precision.

Batteries are needed for the First Lightsabers

The first lightsabers weren’t any different from the current models that we have now. It was equipped with an inefficient battery pack, that would overheat, resulting in hot wires. This is not a surprise considering that this type of weapon was created in ancient times.

The Sith were determined to again advance lightsaber technology , when they invented an efficient power source for the lightsabers. It could be kept in the handle.

A Lightsaber is able to slice through virtually anything

There is nothing a lightsaber could not do when it comes to cutting through any type of material. Like any other weapon or tool, it’s possible victims , particularly those who are against the person who uses these lightsabers will try their best not just don’t get cut by this incredible power source for themselves.

Mandalorian iron bounty hunters have the option to choose from a wide range of materials. One such material is Cortosis, which can shorten lightsabers. However, it’s to be harmful for humans, which is why they are used to create armor. Phrik is also resistant to blades for lightsabers, however, it doesn’t do anything else.

Amphibious Races Had A Challenge with Lightsabers

While there’s not much that can stop a lightsaber, water is one thing they need to be aware of. A small amount of rain will not cause any harm since the weapon will smoke and sizzle when it’s exposed to water. When this happens, it will be immersed in water again, covering up any signs of destruction until the following year.

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