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Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

Imagine returning home to discover that your deer’s got new antlers. They’re soft and fluffy just like their name suggests. They’re “velvet blades” are only found in male deers. They are developed once per year after they shed their old ones. Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking that a new buck or injured animal hasn’t shed its previous set (or tusks). The reason these velvet-like wounds even exist comes down not only to biological factors but also to surroundings; because bucks live on their own and don’t suffer from fighting other males over territorial or matehood rights, which cows and calves which we can trace to.

A buck losing his antlers does not mean he’s ineligible to compete. This is a result of mating with females during the deer season. They shed their weapons from December through March and then start growing velvet ones. This gives them nutrients that facilitates faster growth.

The velvet of deer antlers is rich in medicinal benefits as per this document, which dates back to 2,000 years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine is still utilizing it to this day. They are a strong advocate for all kinds of diseases and ailments, including the use of ginseng in Asian culture for strength recovery.

A high concentration of hormone-like substances that are present in the deer antler velvet may have anti-inflammatory properties. Recent research has demonstrated that the hormone-like compounds present in deer antler velvet could influence immune function and blood pressure. Deer anatomy has many interesting features including smooth cartilage plates running along their forelegs that are thought to guard against predators while running through bushes or trees at speed but can be used as evidence by the person who had no problem putting their arm off in a single swipe.

Deer antlers have been reported to help arthritis. It may also be related to the anti-inflammatory qualities it has. You can easily search on the web for “deer velvet arthritis”. Many supplement manufacturers will attempt to advertise their products as being effective, but there isn’t much scientific evidence to support how these supplements function.

There are so many advantages to antler velvet that it is easy to comprehend why someone would want to possess a piece. Some believe that the stimulating effects can boost mental clarity and boost your immune system . Some say they’ve experienced an increase in libido thanks to its use. However, none of these have been confirmed scientifically.

While it may be difficult to locate velvet deer antlers, there are some places that sell these antlers. These white and hard-wearing chips are well-known for their therapeutic properties. They can be taken in capsules or tea leaves depending on the way you would like to experience these beautiful, yet strange creatures. A lot more needs explaining about how all this operates before we go into specifics about where one might buy some If they went to town during lunch hour.

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