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All You Need To Know About Raven Quest

According to reports from dAppRadar (BGA) games that earn players $2.5 billion of capital over the first quarter 2022. It is expected to reach $10 billion by the end of the year. The exponential growth in the use of blockchain in gaming has led several developers and corporations to develop their own game based on blockchain.

But, the majority of Blockchain games that are now being developed or released are either small-scale auto-play games or lack meaningful playability. Their token holders gamers, investors, gaming communities and investors may vanish within a few months after the game’s debut, making the game not profitable and their investments ineffective. This could result in a slower adoption rate of games that use blockchain technology. While it is essential to integrate blockchain capabilities, developers and game companies should concentrate on making great games than adding blockchain-related functions.

Raven Quest is a GameFi initiative that is focused on creating an Ethereum-based MMORPG. It will facilitate long-term blockchain adoption in the gaming industry. The incentive model of Play-to-Earn will also be used to draw players into Raven Quest.

What exactly is Raven Quest and how can you assist?

Raven Quest, a play-to earn MMORPG on the blockchain polygon, allows users to claim land and construct their own homes and farms. It’s the only game to be completely free to play and has a significantly higher quality of play than the majority of blockchain games , which require you to purchase NFT or another cryptocurrency in order to play the game.

Raven Quest allows players the ability to collect NFTs which can be combined into powerful weapons, and then traded through NFT markets. Ravencards can also be obtained by players in order to make NFT gaming characters.

Raven Quest’s open-ended design allows players to play as they wish in a active, ever-changing, and constantly evolving world that is packed with adventures and puzzles. It also features an efficient player-driven economy that is powered by self-balancing algorithm.

Raven Quest’s Tokenomics

The quality of a GameFi project’s tokenomics are essential to its longevity especially if it’s an MMORPG. Raven Quest is a single tokenomics game with a community-driven economy. The Tradepack system, an innovative self-balancing system, is based on Raven Quest’s unique tokenomics.

$SBT Token:

Raven Quest offers incentives to its players via Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) crypto tokens. Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) are gold coins that can be traded on the marketplace to purchase in-game currency.

The daily limit of $SBT for RavenQuest is determined by the number of events you and your group engage in and how much passive income they could earn.

There isn’t a set exchange rate for Gold and $SBT due to the fact that RavenQuest is conscious of the rate of increase in inflation. Instead it is a daily predetermined prize fund that is given to players who have participated in the game and earned Gold.

The $SBT can also be exchanged for real-world cash or utilized to increase Gold earnings potential by acquiring or upgrading Estates, Mounts, Ships & Wagons, Workers, Ravencards, or other in-game objects.

The Takeaway – Raven Quest Release Date

Raven Quest will be available in the third and fourth quarters of 2022. Raven Quest has been in development for five years and is a huge online community.

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